Sports and Recreation

Stewart Beach
Taking the family for a day at the beach just does not get any better than it does at Stewart Beach. Throughout the summer season, there are special family events and volleyball tournaments. No one needs to bring bulky lawn chairs, because the park provides chair and umbrella rentals. Plenty of restrooms and showers, plus a souvenir shop and snack bar help make this a fun spot to soak up some rays and enjoy the water.

Eagle Point Fishing Camp
With water being a major factor in Galveston, a trip to Eagle Point Fishing Camp is a natural choice. The oldest fishing marina in Galveston Bay, Eagle Point can boast of water on three sides. Access to major fishing reefs in the area causes serious fishermen and newcomers to choose this facility for their launch. Choice bait is available.

Moody Gardens Galveston Island
Visitors to Moody Gardens Galveston Island can spend their time behind the scene with a live penguin and even see how the animal's food is prepared. For the ride of a lifetime, one can take a cruise around Offats Bayou on a replica of an authentic paddlewheel boat from 1800. After that, experience an amazing simulation ride via technology that literally wraps a screen seamlessly around visitors. The 18-passenger ride fully engulfs each participant in a high impact, action adventure. Another favorite is the Rainforest Pyramid. It consists of a 10-story glass pyramid that provides a view of the Amazon River otter exhibit, as well as sloths and other tree dwellers.

Magic Carpet Golf
Golfing at Magic Carpet Golf is a non-stop day of fun. Two 18-hole courses pack a surprise of turns and twists that even have some trickery weaved into the mix. Competition builds as the young and the old try to see who is more clever at guessing what lies ahead on these courses. Patrons can finish off the adventure by honing up on baseball skills in the batting cages.

Fort Travis Seashore Park
With a long history, Fort Travis Seashore Park is a planned stop for many people who come to Galveston. The fortifications here were used during Hurricane Carla in 1961 to provide refuge for residents and their cattle. Fishing is excellent, and picnic areas are equipped with cooking facilities and benches.

Big Reef Nature Park
Big Reef Nature Park gives bird watchers a haven to satisfy their longing. Often a person does not even need to leave the comfort of the car to see ducks, egrets, herons, terns and cormorants.