Getting around Galveston

Renting a Car
There are many car rental companies that service Galveston. Most people arrive in Houston, so that is where it is most convenient to rent a car. There are a couple car rental companies on the island itself, but their fees will be higher than the rates people can find by renting their cars in Houston. Driving is very easy to do in Galveston. The island is fairly small, so it is not easy to get lost. Most of the parking on the streets in Galveston is metered, so drivers should be sure to have plenty of change on hand to feed the meters.

Island Transit runs the buses in Galveston. There are seven different bus routes in the city, and together they manage to cover the entire island. Fares need to be paid with exact change. The buses run from 7:30 AM until 11:00 PM.

One of the most enjoyable forms of transportation in Galveston is the historic trolley service. This is also run by Island Transit. The trolley runs through most of the areas tourists will be interested in, including the historic part of town and the seashore. The fares are low and the open-air nature of the trolley makes it a great way to do some sightseeing.

The island is fairly small, so a lot of buildings are packed into a small area. This means that the island is a great place for tourists who enjoy walking. The weather is pleasant here most of the year, but it does get fairly hot during the summer. Visitors that will be walking should be sure to wear sunscreen and to drink plenty of water.

The great weather and compact nature of Galveston also make it a great place for bike riding. It is easy to get around to almost all of the tourist attraction on a bike, and the beautiful scenery makes it very enjoyable as well. There are a number of bike rental shops on Seawall Boulevard along the shore.

There are only a few cab companies in Galveston, and it is not easy to flag one down. Visitors that want to use cabs in Galveston will usually need to call a cab company to order one. This usually will not take any longer than 15 minutes.

Galveston Island Ferry and Bolivar Ferry both run ferry services between Galveston Island and the mainland. This is a great way to get some scenic views of the island.